Housing in Winter

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Housing in Winter

Post by Bluebubbles » 02 Jul 2016, 16:35


I am thinking of putting the coop in a shed over winter so the girls have more space to use when its cold and horrible outside. We will let them out into their run during the day and into the garden if they want to go out.

I was just wondering what other people do? My priorities are keeping them warm and safe however with the shortened day light hours I also want to make sure they can make the most of them. Another idea was to insulate the coop and cover the run...

I have no idea what is best for the girls so any advice is happily received!

Thanks, BB

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Re: Housing in Winter

Post by Moriarty » 03 Jul 2016, 11:10

They will naturally search for cover if it's wet and damp and perhaps you could just leave the shed door open during the winter so they can go in there? I'm unsure of your arrangement - do they free-range around? If you cover the run will that restrict your access? I have a couple of coops in the garden but due to a recent avian-flu scare in this area had to enclose my girls in a woodshed but put a run on the side of it. Thinking about it, that seems to be the best arrangement - a summer coop in the garden and they come and go and their winter quarters in the shed where they have more indoor room .
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Re: Housing in Winter

Post by laffinfowl » 03 Jul 2016, 19:45

Theres absolutely no need to insulate any coop or house for poultry even during the harshest weather.We,ve had it down to -15 here and no problems at all.
Once the coop is dry and draught free and the birds are on a good diet they,ll do just fine. In fact increasing the temp in a coop or house can cause respiratory problems in birds, good ventilation up high over their heads is essential to take away stale air and fumes from droppings.

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Re: Housing in Winter

Post by virginialuther12 » 08 Feb 2017, 07:36

I agreed with laffinfowl.

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