Pullets show no interest in mixed corn!!

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Pullets show no interest in mixed corn!!

Post by BillJames » 11 Jun 2015, 11:49

My four birds, 20 weeks last Monday, have been in residence since Saturday. In 30 yrs of poultry keeping I have never known hens decline the scattered corn put before them. They are from a breeder I have used for many years and are a variety I have kept before. They are keen for the layers pellets in the hopper but show no interest in the mixed corn at all. All in good health, three are now laying. Nothing wrong with the corn, wild birds are eating it with relish and no ill effects.

Any ideas folks?


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Re: Pullets show no interest in mixed corn!!

Post by drfish » 11 Jun 2015, 16:44

Yeah, don't feed them corn :mrgreen:

Corn is treat food anyway, really, and only offers mediocre nutritional value. If I ever use it, it's only in winter to give the birds a little extra fat and energy for the cold nights. It's certainly not essential though. As to why they won't eat it, who knows? They can be fickle buggers when they want to be. If you really want them to have it, maybe try mixing in a bit of olive oil. I swear if I'd dipped dog muck in olive oil, mine would have eaten it :mrgreen:
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