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new hens

Posted: 20 Sep 2013, 19:36
by johnys
How do i introduce a couple of new hens to my small flock will the get a hard time of it the flock are about 16 weeks old so trying to get a couple the same age

Re: new hens

Posted: 20 Sep 2013, 21:02
by Gilly C
you need to keep them seperate for a month incase they are carrying anything , if they can see each other for awhile too it helps add them last thing at night maybe by morning they will be accepted, if you are lucky, you need more than one drinker and feeding station to start with so they can all eat and drink and the more space the better so if they can free range for a few days hopefully all will be well, I kept Silkies and never had problems they are so placid even had 6 cockerels kept together at one point