Any Fertile Eggs? - Close to 87500

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Any Fertile Eggs? - Close to 87500

Post by SarahMill » 10 Jan 2013, 10:21

Hi guys.
Anyone got any fertile eggs? Looking for good layers, something like Rhode Islands Reds or Sussex.

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Re: Any Fertile Eggs? - Close to 87500

Post by drfish » 10 Jan 2013, 10:46

Just one extra little tip. While Rhode Island Reds are excellent layers, they can be a little temperamental. I had them as my first chickens (bantam size), and they kicked seven bails out of my silkies, to the point where I had to get rid of them. Even when moved to a friends farm and mixed amongst 30+ large fowl, they still bullied a lot of the flock. Not all RIR's are this way, but there is a definite trend in the breed for them to be a little aggressive. And an aggressive chicken can be a problem.
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