Where to buy poultry house & automatic door opener?

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Where to buy poultry house & automatic door opener?

Post by Moriarty » 14 Nov 2012, 12:30

Our coop is falling apart but I just can't justify the cost of a plastic one with delivery from the UK. Have 8 hens, who freerange, so am looking to purchase a good wooden one (or cheap plastic one) over here. but I definitely want an automatic door opener for if we're away at weekends. Door automatic door openers only work on special kinds of doors? For good value where would you suggest I buy from? Delivery from UK of coops is hitting the £80 plus mark so that's out of the question.

So I'd like to buy a coop ready made, or is it cheaper from Germany from where I understand a lot of stuff comes from. All advice appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Where to buy poultry house & automatic door opener?

Post by noisette » 14 Nov 2012, 22:00

Hi Moriarty :grin: Can't help with the coop, OH and friends built ours using old poteaux, voliges and clay tiles to construct a decent 'shed'. Can recommend a Co. for the automatic door opener, though. ChucksAway. (Thanks to this forum!) Absolutely brilliant kit to fit to almost any door. It is battery-powered, with a flexible timer which you change according to daylight hours and the habits of your own chickens. It was competitively priced, even coming from the UK. Combined with a feeder and water dispenser, it has (theoretically, at least :) ) enabled us to get away for weekends. Have you looked on LeBonCoin and Vivastreet for 'Abris d'occasion'?


Re: Where to buy poultry house & automatic door opener?

Post by Penquin » 05 Apr 2013, 21:11

This is the company we used in the UK for our door which is brilliant, we have had it for about 5 years and changed the batteries twice, it works on a light level sensor shutting at about the time it gets too dark for the chickens to see their way without them carrying a torch.... i.e. about 30 minutes after dark until about dawn, you can fit a timer to it or other accessories and it can be adapted for different styles of pop hole - instructions are available for e.g. horizontal as well as vertical. :grin:

our hens have coped well and even new ones have learned within 24 hours when to go inside...... [-o< :cheers:

http://www.chicken-house.co.uk/acatalog ... Zwodkn59TA

Good luck,


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