Colorado Potato Beetles -will yours eat them??

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Colorado Potato Beetles -will yours eat them??

Post by greenman.dexters » 14 Sep 2012, 08:56

After several years of having my potager with just an electric fence round to keep out the cows we have this year gone for a fence with grillage (chicken wire) round! :sunny:

Though we have had Colorado beetle before, we have been swamped this year, despite spending hours out there picking off the little bliters and popping them in a bowl of alcool à brûler (meths). :-({|=

I cannot say that I have noticed the chickens particularly target the potatoes in previous years but I cant help wondering if the increase in beetle and exclusion of the chickens are not connected. #-o

Surfing the web (as you do) brings conflicting opinions about whether chickens eat the beetle/grubs, most saying that they will not.

I cannot help wondering if the question is not whether they eat the beetle, because I think some do.
But perhaps what breeds eat the beetle? :-k

I have a Leghorn, a Maran and a Waren and I have seen one eat them but I didn't noticed which one, as it never occured to me that they may not all eat them.

Question : Do your chickens / Bantoms eat the grubs (or beetles) of the Colorado beetle and what breeds or a melange of breeds they are??

Let me know your observations. I need to get some more chicken and this will definitely influence my choice. :)


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Re: Colorado Potato Beetles -will yours eat them??

Post by Henwife » 14 Sep 2012, 14:10

Colorado beetles are a notifiable pest in the UK, so not something I've ever seen. However, all of my poultry will eat anything that moves, even earwigs which is a pity because I'm told they eat red mite.
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