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by Gameboy1980
29 Apr 2017, 18:09
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Topic: Knowing your stuff?
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Knowing your stuff?

We all have to start somewhere and that usually starts at the very bottom of the fountain of knowledge! We can all go and buy £10-20 bird and not really worry about the quality as most of the time it’s just for egg production. But what happens when you want to take the next steps and buy your first ...
by Gameboy1980
29 Apr 2017, 17:29
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Topic: Just wanted to say hi.
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Just wanted to say hi.

I am GameBoy1980 from Nottingham England. I kept poultry years ago. I kept hybrids for eggs, a few pure breeds like Orpington’s, some really nice Brahmas from a top UK breeder, Malays from a breeder in Germany, A few Asils and Shamo and about half a dozen geese that I had for Christmas and also gave...